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Your trademark distinguishes your products and services from those of your competitors. With over 15 years of trademark registration experience, we can help you establish and protect your identity in the marketplace by registering one of your most valuable assets - your trademark.

Our online law firm specializes in Canadian Trademark Registrations. This means that you receive professional legal services from start to finish at a competitive price, with no hidden fees from a qualified experienced lawyer.

STEP 1: Preliminary Trademark Search. Simply complete and submit the Search Form. We will conduct a preliminary trademark search of the Canadian Trademarks database and provide you with a written report. This will ensure that your trademark does not match someone else's registered trademark, and will help determine whether your application has a chance for success.

STEP 2: Comprehensive Trademark Search. If our preliminary search does not indicate a match, we will conduct a comprehensive search of the Canadian Trademarks database, Domain Name Registry, relevant business directories, as well as a preliminary search of the US Trademarks database, and will provide you with a written legal opinion on the registrability of your trademark. This will help minimize objections or opposition to your trademark registration application.

STEP 3: Application for Trademark Registration. If the results of our comprehensive search are satisfactory, we will prepare and file an application for registration of your trademark in Canada. We will keep you fully informed of the progress of your trademark process from the time of application to its registration.

We will not proceed to STEP 2 or STEP 3 without your prior written instructions. We will also work with you to develop a registrable trademark. While this may result in modifications to your proposed trademark, there will be no further cost for any additional comprehensive searches which may be required.

There is no fee for a preliminary search (Step 1). Our fee for a comprehensive search (Step 2) is $150.00. Our fee for preparing and filing an application for registration of your trademark (Step 3) is $350.00. A final fee of $150 is payable upon registration of your Trademark, approximately 8 months after your application is filed. No further legal fees are payable unless your application is contested by the Trademarks Office. Our fees do not include government application or registration fees of $250.00 and $200.00 respectively. For more information, please see fees.

Mark Timmis, Trademark Lawyer / Attorney / Agent Background

Mark Timmis

Mark Timmis has a BA (English) and MA (Philosophy) from the University of British Columbia, and a law degree from Dalhousie Law School.

Mark has practiced law for 20 years in the areas of corporate/commercial law, sports law and intellectual property law, and has worked as an in-house lawyer / attorney supplying legal counsel to major corporations, international multi-sport events and NHL and NBA sports franchises where his responsibilities included the registration, maintenance and enforcement of intellectual property.

Mark has also taught sports law and intellectual property at the University of Victoria Law School. Mark works as a lawyer in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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