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Trademark Registrations Canada - Search Form

A. Applicant Contact Information



City or Location:

Postal Code:




Name of Contact Person:

The Applicant is the person, company or organization that will be the registered owner of the trademark. Registered trademarks may be transferred and a change of owner filed with the Trademarks Office.

B. Trademark

The trademark is the following word(s) or design:

Only one trademark may be filed under each application. If you would like to search more than one trademark, please complete a separate Form for each trademark.

C. Products and Services

If you are using your trademark, please specify the products and/or services used in association with your trademark:



Products and services must be specifically described using ordinary commercial terms. For example, clothing, sporting goods, jewellery and food products are too general and therefore must list the specific types of products within each category.

Please specify the date on which you first used your trademark commercially in association with the products and/or services listed above:

If you listed more than one product and/or service and the date of first use differs - e.g., where your business has expanded to include additional products and /or services - please specify the date of first use for each product and/or service.

If you are not using your trademark, but "intend" to use it at a later date, please specify the product and/or services that you "intend" to use in association with your trademark:



Applications may be filed on the basis of both use and "intention" to use. If this is the case, please complete sections C (1), (2) and (3).

D. Prior Trademark Use

Please indicate if the date of first use of the trademark is based on use by a person, company or organization other than the applicant:

Yes  No

Additional Comments:

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